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silicon carbide based refractories 

for waste incineration processes

as well as power stations, refuse burners and furnances

Boinex premium shaped refractories

* made of silicon carbide *


vibrex 80N

- nitride bonded silicon carbide
- perfect for waste incineration plants


vibrex 90

– clay bonded silicon carbide  
– perfect for abrasive sector


castex 80N

- nitride bonded silicon carbide
- casted products for complex shapes   

about NBSC

VIBREX & CASTEX are our main product groups of shaped refractories, made by firing mixtures of high purity silicon carbide and silicon or a mineral additive in a nitrogen atmosphere at high temperature.

mechanical strength

High mechanical strength that is maintained up to 1650°C, beyond the service temperature of common refractories and metals. NBSC is particularly strong under compressive loading.

shock resistance

Thermal shock resistance due to high temperature strength, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity. As a result NBSC can be cycled through large temperature differences without losing strength or developing cracks.

chemical resistance

Good chemical resistance particularly to most acids, molten salts and halogens. NBSC may be attacked by oxidising agents and strong bases such as iron oxide and sodium hydroxide.


Boinex premium unshaped SiC refractories 

KemSiC mortars & masses


best raw materials

We use raw materials of only European origin and superior quality in accordance with our quality management system.


applications of the product

Our products have high cohesive force, so binding to each other is beneficial for the particles to stick on the surface.


controled quality 

Production of high quality products made of high quality raw materials, operated by quality and
environment management system.

product list

Our products have been continuously developed and are adapted to the customers’ needs.

KemSiC SF60 & SF70

self flowing dense refractory masss - self flowing, self spreading

KemSiC 80

refractory gunning mix - it can be applied where the erosion is big

KemSiC 85

refractory mortar -sticking/gluing mortar, which can be spreaded

KemSiC 90

refractory castable - it can be applied by spreading

made in Europe

The goals we set for our products and services are to improve the performance of our clients’ own products, to improve the efficiency of their processes, or to extend the lifetime of their equipment.

Reliability of Supply

we will ensure that you get your products in time and in accordance with the agreement

Consistency of Quality

Continuous quality is the basis of our ambitions and part of your success

Respect of Confidentiality

confidentiality and loyalty are key components of our business culture 

our suppliers of base materials 

we are proud to present 


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